Roller Mosquito Screens , Mosquito Screens
Roller Mosquito Screens , Mosquito Screens
Roller Mosquito Screens , Mosquito Screens
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Roller Mosquito Screens
Roller mosquito screens can be installed on any kind of windows, be it old or new, it can be installed in houses, offices etc.   It’s the best way to ventilate your environments without allowing the entry of unwelcome visitors.  Roller mosquito screens help you to sleep peacefully, keeping out annoying flying insects and providing your home with natural fresh air. ..
The features of these screens are :
Allows circulation of fresh air – The pores in the net allows easy flow of air, as a result not hampering the flow of fresh air in your room.
Excellent outward visibility - Specially designed and imported nets, which does not hamper outward visibility.
Extremely durable – The screen remains unaffected by extreme weather conditions, the net will not shrink or stretch and it is stain free and rust free.
Easy movement of the screen – Specially developed spring loaded mechanism smoothly rolls the screen up and down with the touch of your hand.
Reduces the glare of the sun
Fire resistant
The benefits of these screens are :
Excellent protection from mosquitoes, insects, lizards, etc.
Avoids the use of harmful mats, coils, mosquito repellents, etc. – All these items contain harmful chemicals which are not good to inhale, over a period of time mosquitoes become immune to these chemicals and as a result their effectiveness decreases whereas in the mosquito screens there are no such harmful chemicals and it is effective for years and years to come.
Remains out of sight until needed – Pull the screen when required and roll it up in the casing when not required.
No Maintenance – There are in built brushes in the casing to clean the net, so there is no nuisance of cleaning the net on a regular basis.
One time Investment – No recurring expenses on mats, coils, mosquito repellents, etc., once the screen is fixed no other running costs are involved.
Acquires less space as compared to conventional mosquito shutters while operating – Since the conventional mosquito shutters open inside a lot of space is being wasted, but with roller mosquito screens there is no wastage of space.
Custom made according to your window sizes – Since the sizes of windows differ, we manufacture custom made sizes to suit various needs.
Roller Mosquito Screens , Mosquito Screens Roller Mosquito Screens , Mosquito Screens